Members' Program

All of JACD works are organized in order to review Corporate Governance and directorship issues from a wide range of angles; education, seminars and events for directors, publications and developing and promoting policies on issues of interest to directors.

Study sessions

Study sessions are held for the purpose of obtaining information and advice on corporate governance practices.
The sessions are held in series, with themes based on each chairperson's awareness of issues and areas of interest.
The sessions cover a wide range of areas based on corporate governance, including case studies presented by member executives, presentation by experts, and exchanges of opinions with institutional investors.
  • Startup Committee Chaired by Mr. Kazuhiko Toyama
  • Corporate Governance Committee Chaired by Mr. Satoshi Tannowa
  • Sustainability Committee Chaired by Mr. Masatoshi Matsuzaki
  • Corporate Management and Accounting Committee Chaired by Mr. Jun Arai
  • Committee on Understanding New Trends and Strategies in Finance Business Chaired by Mr. Taisuke Sasanuma
  • Corporate and Investor Dialogue Committee Chaired by Mr.Tetsuo Tsuneishi
  • Independent Directors Committee Chaired by Mr.Yasushi Nakagami
  • Risk Management Committee Chaired by Mr. Hiyoo Kambayashi
  • Human Capital Management Committee Chaired by Mr. Yasuo Fukami
  • Director Training Committee Chaired by Mr. Hideaki Tsukuda
  • Board Recruitment Network

    Experienced management is registered at our association as members, and they learn about the highest theory and practice about corporate governance. JACD play a role for supplying the talented person as the independent director for a listed company.

    Annual Members Meeting

    A complimentary, member only annual event held in May.
    The Annual Meeting of Members of JACD takes place to receive reports on the past year at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Approximately 80 members gather for this meeting, and provide a good opportunity of the networking.

    Winter Seminar

    Winter seminar is an exclusive and a member-only annual seminar held in a suburb of Tokyo. This event is of value to members with an interactive panel discussion and an opportunity to voice views, discuss hot topics and ask questions -presented in a half-day event. Networking golf follows next day.