The Guidelines for Company CEO (2021)

March 3, 2021

CEO who plays a leading role in improving company performance - What they should do and should not do?

The CEO Committee (Chairman Kazuhiko Toyama *Note 1 and Vice Chairman Seiichi Ochiai *Note 2 ) has published the "The Guidelines for Company CEO".

The ideal form of CEO appointment and succession development plans has not been fully analyzed.

The guidelines define that the appointment of a successor to the CEO should be made by a nominating committee that includes independent directors.

The board must spend a considerable amount of time selecting candidates and at the same time oversee whether the selection process is built and operated as a system with fairness, belief and transparency.

As a CEO's Code of Conduct, the guidelines exemplify what the CEO should and should not do.

The full text of the guidelines will be published on Corporate Governance Magazine. (only Japanese)

*Note1 Chairman of IGPI Group
*Note2 Professor emeritus of Tokyo University