Japan Association of Corporate Directors Announces Its Corporate Governance of the Year 2021 Prize Winners

January 31, 2022

In Recognition of Distinctive Corporate Governance

Grand Prize Company

Tokyo Electron Ltd. (Electric Appliances)

Winner Company


SONY GROUP CORPORATION (Electric Appliances)

Tokyo Governor Prize for Corporate Governance of the Year

Eisai Co.,Ltd. (Pharmaceutical)

METI Minister's Award for Corporate Governance of the Year

DAIFUKU CO.,LTD. (Machinery)


(From left to right) Mr. Hiroshi Geshiro, President and CEO, Daifuku Co., Ltd., Mr. Shiro Kambe, Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Privacy, Corporate
Communications, Brand Strategy, Sustainability, and External Relations, SONY GROUP CORPORATION, Mr. Toshiki Kawai, Representative Director, President & CEO, Tokyo Electron Ltd., Mr. Norimasa Kitazawa, President and CEO, PIGEON CORPORATION and Mr. Haruo Naito, Representative Corporate Officer and CEO, Eisai Co.,Ltd.

Japan Association of Corporate Directors (JACD, Chairman: Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Senior Chairman, Orix Corporation), the independent organization for the board and directors, dedicated to promote excellence in governance and directorship, has announced its Corporate Governance of the Year Prize winners 2021.

The committee decided that the Grand Prize goes to Tokyo Electron Ltd.

Mr. Atsushi Saito, Chairman of the selecting Committee commented as follows;"Many companies have shown significant improvements in their corporate governance practices lately, treating the process not as a formality but as a matter of real substance. TEL is outstanding among these companies for its ambition to integrate governance with growth, its eagerness to study advanced governance models of overseas semiconductor firms, and its readiness to face reality and improve management practices, for example by introducing a CEO evaluation process. TEL's 'full aggressive style of governance' won high marks because the approach has helped the company to rapidly improve its business performance."

Mr.Toshiki Kawai, Representative Director, President & CEO, Tokyo Electron Ltd.(Right), received the Grand Prize Winner Company from Mr. Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Chairman, JACD.

Tokyo Governor Prize has been established to praise a company which has excellent corporate governance and also practices ESG activities such as environmental activities, women empowerment, and initiatives for diversity.

METI Minister's Award was newly established to recognize a company particularly in appraisal of selection and succession of presidents and CEOs, the planning of which are fundamental for corporate governance.

Japan Association of Corporate Directors Corporate Governance of the Year 2021

The awards go to the companies which have achieved and maintained long term profitability by implementing good corporate governance with the goal of revitalizing the Japanese economy, since 2015.

Endorsed by Financial Services Agency, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Justice, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Stock Exchange/Japan Exchange Group , The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants.(JAPAN), IR Association of Japan and Asian Corporate Governance Association.