2012 JACD Conference

November 27, 2012

JACD cosponsored a symposium with The Sankei Shinbun in November 2012, discussed reproduction of the Japanese economy and a task in the growth of the company.

Invited experts of politics and the economy as speakers, talked how we realize overall growth in Japan, mainly on corporate governance and economic development issues. The contents of the event were placed in the newspaper.


Opening Remarks : Yoshihiko Miyauchi , Chairman , JACD
Keynote Speech : Shinzo Abe, President, Liberal Democratic Party Member, House of Representatives.
Panel Discussion Speakers :
Fumio Sudo, Adovisor, JFE Holdings.
Nobuyuki Idei, Vice Chairman, JACD. Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation.
Ryutaro Kouno, Chief Economist, BNP PARIBAS SJ Ltd.
Moderator : Shigeyuki Ii, Editorial Writer, The Sankei Shinbun.